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FSS (Federal Security Services) license (ФСБ)

FSS (Federal Security Services) license (ФСБ)

 Why you need the FSS license?  
- To work with the data of state secret, as well as the implementation of works (services) on the secret governmental entities (the FSS, the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, etc.).  
Licenses FSS:  
1. License for activities related to the use of information comprising state secrets;  
2. License to work on the implementation activities and (or) services in the field of protection of state secrets;  
3. License for activities related to the establishment of information security;  
4. License for the development, production, sale and purchase of the special technical devices for obtaining secret information;  
5. License to work on the identification of electronic devices for obtaining secret information in the space and facilities (except when specified activities are carried out to ensure the subsistence of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur);  
6. License to work on the development and (or) production of means of protection of confidential information;  
7. License for activities for the distribution of encryption (cryptographic) means (equipment);  
8. License to work on the maintenance of encryption (cryptographic) facilities;  
9. License for the provision of services in the area of encryption of information;  
10. License to develop, manufacture of encryption (cryptographic) facilities that are protected using encryption (cryptographic) means/ equipment of information systems, telecommunications systems;

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FSS (Federal Security Services) license (ФСБ)